Today if you need to change currency quickly, you have to find local cash bureau which in its turn will charge a fee on the top of the existing exchange rate, which is usually fixed once or twice a day. Usually this commission rate amounts to 3%+ on the exchanged amount.

The second choice is to make the exchange at Customer’s local bank where customer will be charged with the Banks own commercial exchange rate that in most cases has at least 2%-3% commission factored into the final exchange rate. Which is transparent but a bit costly operation.

The third choice will be to use the Payment card option to withdraw the needed amount from customer’s regular checking account which will result in ATM/POS fee charged by the ATM operator and the issuer, interchange fee applied by the payment provider organization and currency exchange mark-up fee that is applied by the payment card issuer. In total this type of currency conversion can add up to 5%+ on the hidden fees.

Through vast network of access points to the EXCH.ONE platform either via WorldWideWeb or via participating companies, client is able on the immediate basis to deposit electronically via quick payment options his assets in one currency and convert them immediately to another or do the same with Cash operation in participating companies.

The exchange rate for the FIAT currencies provided by EuroExchange are being updated LIVE according to the market fluctuations, so theEXCH.ONE Token is also updated immediately as it is updated in the conventional EuroExchange system. This way participating Exchange bureau always receives transparent and best possible exchange rate and able to offer client with competitive rates at the moment of transaction.