Regulated Remitter A (UK based) provides services for accepting cash over the counter with its further delivery in cash or electronic form to the recipient through services provided by Regulated Remitter B (Philippian based).

During the above mentioned process, on the top of the regular fees that are being applied to the customers transfer by the remitting company, customer is forced to pay additional fees covering the costs of the participating parties (Banks, ACH, Payment networks), and as well on the final stage of the transaction receiving customer is being charged with un-transparent exchange fee for currency conversion from the origination currency transfer to the pay-out local currency.

In the above case scenario, in order to send 100 Pound Philippines, it will cost to the sending and receiving parties around 15% in the transaction and currency exchange fees.

With Euroexchange EXCH token the whole hidden transaction process will become fully transparent as the Remitter A and the Remitter B will be exchanging the value of the remittance amount within the blockchain platform either via any available CryptoCurrency Exchange, or directly with the EuroExchange CryptoCurrency exchange platform.

Transfer of value via blockchain platform will take no longer than 30 seconds and the Currency exchange rate is fixed at the time of the token transfer initiation, plus the blockchain transfer is completely free of charge

Along with the above advantages there is also additional added value service with in this transaction – EXCH.ONE token protocol enables to add full stack of the AML and KYC for the transaction info, so that way the receiving side will not need repeat due diligence checks on the recipient’s side.

With EXCH.ONE token the transaction flow process will be following: